If you are having trouble connecting your Delta to the VitaBuddy app, please check the Bluetooth sign in the top-left corner of your Delta first. That will tell you if it is connected or disconnected. Use this diagram to guide you:



If it is disconnected, never fear! You can follow these simple steps to get it connected:

Step 1. Make sure that your location services are turned on in your phone and that the VitaBuddy                 app is allowed to use the location service of the phone.

Step 2. Open the VitaBuddy app and select the Profile tab in the bottom right-hand corner.


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Step 3. Select the "Settings" tab and select the “Delta Connected” button at the top of the page.

Step 4. From here, select "Disconnect" next to Delta and click “Next”.


   Graphical user interface, application

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Step 5. Turn Bluetooth off and back on from your phone.

Step 6. Once on, you need to disconnect the Delta from the Bluetooth settings of the phone (if it's                 manually connected). The app will automatically establish a connection.

Step 7. Restart your Delta , making sure that the device is in range of your phone and not turned off.

There is an indicator on the top left corner of the Delta screen: you should see a little box icon with arrows pointing outwards. (If you see an icon that looks like 2 connected boxes, it means that the Delta is connected to another device. If that's the case, you need to disconnect from the first device to establish a new connection).

Step 8. Go to the VitaBuddy app, then connect the Delta again in the VitaBuddy app and not via             your Bluetooth phone settings. When reconnecting, make sure there are no other Bluetooth            devices in range so that Delta cannot automatically connect to another Bluetooth device.      

Congratulations! You’re pretty much a developer. Add that to your CV! (Jokes, Maybe don’t.)

If, after all of the above, your Delta is still not connecting with VitaBuddy, please get in touch with us! When you contact our team, include the email address linked to your VitaBuddy account and send us a screenshot of the error message. We'll get to the bottom of it for you!