Mmm fresh data: syncing Delta to VitaBuddy

First things first! Make sure your Delta is connected to the app. See screenshots below.


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Then, follow these steps to sync:

Step 1. Check your Bluetooth connection is turned ON

Your Delta sends data to your VitaBuddy account via Bluetooth. Therefore, it’s critical that you have your Bluetooth turned ON at all times (normally under Phone settings > Bluetooth or Settings > General > Bluetooth), so the Delta can sync regularly with the app.

Please do NOT manually connect to the Delta from your phone’s Bluetooth settings as it will cause connectivity issues. We will take care of establishing the connection, all you need to do is to have the Bluetooth on. Deal? Deal!

Step 2. Open the VitaBuddy app to sync

Data will automatically sync to the app each time you open the app, so long as your device and phone are nearby (within 8-10 metres [26-33 feet]).

You'll know the sync has completed when the VitaBuddy app updates the ‘Last Synced’ time or you can see the exact same step count as your Delta.

Be sure to open the VitaBuddy app on your phone a few times throughout the day. This will ensure that your new data is being sent to VitaBuddy. The Delta stores 3 days of data under normal use, so we recommend opening up the app every day to keep your data and ratings up to date at all times.

Step 3. Refresh the VitaBuddy app

If your dashboard shows an old sync date, simply refresh the VitaBuddy app by backgrounding and foregrounding it.

If you're still not seeing any new data in VitaBuddy after a few hours, you can log out of VitaBuddy and log back in. Alternatively, you can contact our team and include the email address linked to your VitaBuddy account if the problem persists. We'll get to the bottom of it!