Sleep efficiency is a measurement often used to assess the effectiveness of insomnia treatment. This measurement is a percentage value that is calculated by dividing the amount of time you spend sleeping by the amount of time you spend in bed.

             Your sleep efficiency = (time you spend sleeping / time you spend in bed) x 100%

             Let's say you spend 8 hours in bed but only sleep for 6 hours of that time 

             Your sleep efficiency = (6 hours / 8 hours) x 100%

                                           = 0.75 x 100%

                                           = 75% sleep efficiency

For the majority of us, our bedtime and our sleep time are not a synchronised event.

Even after the laptops, tablets, books, and phones are put away, our minds can still be racing in the dark. Unfortunately, this can lead some of us into a toss-and-turn bedsheet tango – the harder we try to get to sleep the more it evades us. 

Conversely, others begin their journey to dreamland the moment their heads hit the pillow - but lo and behold – they may awake in the wee hours of the morning and struggle to get back to sleep.

We think you’ll agree that you can spend a lot of time in bed without actually getting much sleep. We are here to help!

We've designed insights customised especially for you with information about what your sleep data means and tips on how you can improve your sleep!