You’ve already entered your height, weight, age, gender, waist & hip circumferences but still no Body Fat Percentage (BFP) rating in sight?  

One of two things have likely occurred:

  1. Your body fat estimate is too low
  1. Your body fat estimate is too high

BFP ratings are generated for people between the ages of 18 and 84 who have entered reasonable values for their weight, height and waist circumference. 

Example Time:

Freda is currently overweight and has a BMI of 29. Freda enters her waist circumference correctly, but she accidentally enters 32cm instead of 32 inches! Our BFP calculator is not happy - having a 32-centimetre waist is definitely not correct for someone with a BMI of 29!

Freda does not get a rating. Poor Freda!

She then changes her measurements to centimetres, refreshes the app and like magic a rating is generated! 

Double-checked your measurements are right but still no rating? Contact our support team including a screenshot from your settings page with your measurements. We'll get to the bottom of it!