We don’t like jumping to conclusions. That’s why we wait until we've received a sufficient amount of data to analyse before we generate your health ratings. All you need to do is keep wearing your device and be sure to sync with the app on a regular basis.

We use a 28-day rolling time-window to determine the data points that are included in the calculation of each health rating. This ensures that we are only using the most up-to-date and relevant data collected from your Fitbit, Garmin or Apple Watch.



We'll need at least 14 days of data from the past 28 days to give you a Heart rating based on your resting heart rate. We also require your age and gender to determine your risk of heart disease and whether your resting heart rate is within healthy parameters. You can check how many days of heart data we've received by viewing your Resting Heart Rate graph.



To be eligible for a Sleep rating you’ll need to wear your device to bed for at least 14 nights within a 28-day rolling time-window. You don’t need to sleep with your device every night however wearing it more often than not will serve to increase the accuracy and reliability of the data we receive. You can check how many nights of sleep data we've received by viewing your Time Asleep graph.


Your Weight rating is currently based on your BMI, waist-to-height ratio, and waist-to-hip ratio. These scores are calculated using the biometric measurements you enter into the Weight category. 


Daily Step Average rating:

We determine your Daily Step Average rating by looking at your average number of steps taken each day, over the most recent 28 days. We'll provide you with a rating after we receive 14 days of step-count data within a 28-days period. You can check how many days of step-count data we've received by viewing your Daily Step Average graph. 

Weekly Exercise Minutes rating:

We analyse the most recent four complete-weeks of data to provide you with your weekly average rating.


We require at least 6 days of mood check-ins within the past 14 days to calculate your Mind rating.