We pride ourselves on providing you with high quality information that you know you can trust. We’ll never risk losing that trust by pretending that we know something when we don’t have the evidence to back it up. We believe that you deserve nothing but the best.

That’s why we only crunch the numbers on the past 28 days of data to ensure that your ratings are accurate, and your insights are relevant to where you’re at now. We refuse to use data that's outdated – it's just not our style! 

For your Heart, Sleep, and Activity ratings 

- We require a minimum of 14 days of data from your wearable device.

For your Mind rating 

- We require a minimum of 6 days of mood check-in entries within the past 2 weeks.

For your Weight rating 

- We require you to update/re-confirm your measurements at least once every 6 months.

So if you’ve been taking a holiday from your wearable device then it’s likely that we don’t have enough in the data bank to give you a rating at the moment. But worry not! The remedy is as simple as putting on your Fitbit, Garmin or Apple Watch to rack up some new data points for us to analyse!