If your sleep durations are looking too lengthy, it is likely that you have more than one sleep app sending data to the Health app. For example, if you downloaded both the Pillow app and Sleep ++ app, both may be recording your sleep and sending this data to the Health app – resulting in overlapping sleep entries. 

So, what to do next?

Pick a favourite: Uninstall those additional sleep apps until only one remains.


Turn off any additional sleep apps in the Health app: If you can’t bring yourself to uninstall, stop your additional sleep apps sending data to the Health app from the Sources tab of the Health app. 

After uninstalling/turning off the data for your additional sleep apps, you should notice a change in the sleep duration on our sleep graph for the following nights.

Please note: Some of your old sleep data will remain.

But wait! Don’t close this article just yet! It’s important to note that the Sleep Duration rating displayed in our app is based on the average sleep duration recorded within the past 28 nights. This means that your previous sleep entries will still be included in the calculation of your sleep rating until they expire.

Depending on how many previous sleep entries are still valid on your account, it may take a week or more of new sleep entries before your sleep duration average is lowered to a more accurate time length.